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Title: The development of an infrastructure to support lifelong competence development, based on learning design
Authors: Koper, Rob
Keywords: PCDS
Issue Date: 28-Sep-2006
Abstract: Invited Address, OD@06 conference, Oviedo, Spain, 25-27 September 2006 ( The current worldwide competitive economy places new demands on both individual workers, groups, and organisations. Central to these demands is the need to continuously develop and manage the competences which provide a competitive advantage to individuals, groups and organisations. Furthermore there is a need for personal development during lifetime for various reasons: hobbies, interests, change of job, update of competences, get up-to-date. In order to support the development of competences during lifetime, we are developing a class of systems that can be called "Personal Competence Development Systems (PCDS)". These systems support individuals and groups to develop new competences by selecting and performing a variety of learning activities, manage their competenties, update their knowledge, contact peers and experts, etc. New activity-centered developments like IMS Learning Design, Blogging/RSS, ePortfolios, Social Software and new forms of competence & performance assessment will all play a critical role in a PCDS. In our current work we are researching and developing a unified, integrated, standards-based, open-source PCDS that can be used by any person, team, company, school and university to develop and update competences in a specific discipline or profession.
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