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Title: De invloed van persoonlijkheid bij organisatieveranderingen. Een onderzoek naar de relatie tussen persoonskenmerken, attitude en veranderbaarheid bij een Lean verandertraject.
Authors: Minnema, P
Keywords: attitude
Change management
personality traits
willing to change
Big Five
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2017
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: According to the literature 70 % of all change processes, including Lean implementations, fails. Changes can lead to uncertainty and stress because employees may have the feeling that they are not able to influence the change. This resistance can result in not want to change or even in slowing or eliminating the planned change. Resistance is often seen as something negative, which would not be good for the organization, while it should be seen as an opinion explaining why the change would not be good for the organization. Therefore it is better to speak of willingness to change so that there’s more focus on the future and the human being behind the change. Willingness to change is determined by the attitude with respect to the desired behaviour, subjective norm and perceived behavioural control. According to the literature employees with a positive attitude regarding to the desired behaviour, are more willing to change. It also appears that the personality of the employee affects the attitude. People who have a high degree of openness, consciousness and agreeableness are more likely to form a positive attitude towards change. But also people with a high degree of openness, consciousness or extroversion are more likely to be willing to change. Personality traits are important to change management because change processes involve employees forming an opinion on the change under the influence of their personality. When forming an opinion people create a positive or negative attitude with respect to the change, which in turn has an impact on the willingness to change and the final behaviour. This study examined the relationship between personality, attitude and willingness to change by conducting a survey among 121 supply chain employees of a Dutch organisation during a Lean implementation project. The survey contained questions that are composed of existing questionnaires concerning personality (Big Five) and willingness to change (DINAMO). In this study a positive significant correlation is found between openness and consciousness and attitude but no significant correlation was found between agreeableness and attitude. This study also shows that there is a positive significant correlation between the attitude and willingness to change. In addition, there is a significant correlation found between openness and willingness to change, but this correlation was mediated by attitude. This means that people who are open to new things will not be immediately ready to change but they will rather form a positive attitude towards change. Once a positive attitude formed, they will be more willing to change and previously actively support the change process. In contrast to the literature, no significant correlations was found between consciousness, extroversion, and willingness to change. Where there is found a significant correlation between consciousness and attitude this was not the case between consciousness and willingness to change. After examining the answers of the questions about the need for the change we concluded that many respondents are worried about their jobs. The employees feel a sense of urgency to change making to remain their job possible. Therefore, they feel the need to change and to participate in the change process. This fact could very well be of great importance in addition to the personality traits for the formation of the attitude and willingness to change relative to the change. Depending on the context and the reason for the change employees with certain personal characteristics may be may not be appealed by the change so that they develop a positive or negative attitude and indirectly willingness to change.
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