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Title: Rumor has it. Or does it? Uncertainty and organizational trust and their relationship with perceived quality change-related information and rumors.
Authors: Konijn, AFN
Keywords: Organizational change
employee’s perception
rumor types
quality change-related communication
organizational trust
Issue Date: 11-Apr-2017
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: In this thesis, the dynamics of communication during organizational change were studied. Our main research question was: do the experience of uncertainty and organizational trust during organizational change have a relationship with the report of rumors through the perception of quality change-related communication (QCC)? Furthermore, we were interested in exploring what types of rumors are most commonly reported during organizational change. The research was conducted using a survey (n=115) within a large financial services corporation undergoing major organizational change. We found significant relationships between uncertainty, organizational trust, QCC and the report of rumors. We also found that QCC partially mediated the relationship between uncertainty and the report of rumors and the relationship between organizational trust and the report of rumors. Over 90% of all reported rumors were negative and typically about changes in job security, work practices and organizational structure. Our findings suggest that change-related communication is not just about the design and content of the change-related information, but it is also about employee’s perception of the change-related information which is shaped by the experience of uncertainty and organizational trust.
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