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Title: Reseachers & Performance Management. Onderzoek binnen Philips Research naar de R&D prestaties door prestatiemanagement en de invloed die de tevredenheid van de researcher over het prestatiemeetsysteem hier op heeft.
Authors: Brand, E van den
Issue Date: 21-Jun-2016
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Researchers & Performance Management An investigation within Philips Research about the R&D performance by performance management and the impact of the satisfaction of researchers about the performance measurement system. ABSTRACT Many Research & Development (R&D) performance measurement techniques have been developed to address the unique needs of many different organizations. An effective R&D organization is a major source of competitive advantage in today's rapidly globalizing economy. But the measurement of R&D effectiveness remains difficult and often leads to disappointment among managers. OBJECTIVES In previous research on performance management there is found a relationship between performance management and better results. My aim was to determine if performance management has a positive effect on R&D performance and to identify if satisfaction of researchers about the performance measurement system (PMS) impacts the R&D performance. METHODS To answer the central question “To what extent can the use of performance management explains the better R&D performance depending the satisfaction of researchers about the PMS?”, there are a number of steps taken. The outcome of these steps will show if the supporting hypotheses are confirmed or rejected. First I held an interview and performed a document analysis to assess the situation at Philips Research Eindhoven. Secondly I collected results of several years, the outcome is documented in a Balanced Scorecard, designed in the research of Kerssens Van Drongelen and Cook (1997). Finally two questionnaires were used. The first questionnaire was send out to determine if there are improved R&D results after implementation of the PMS visible to the Research Leadership Team. The second questionnaire was send out to Research employees to answer the question about the satisfaction of the PMS. RESULTS There is an improvement shown in the results included in the BSC over the different year’s included in the study, which confirms one part of the central question. There is also a notable improvement visible on most of the propositions which supports the central question. For the moderating factor the results are not confirming the relation between the satisfaction about PMS and the better R&D performance. CONCLUSIONS Based on the results of this study, it can be concluded that within Philips Research Eindhoven performance managements leads to better R&D results. The proposition that higher satisfaction of the researchers about the PMS will lead to better results cannot be confirmed by the data collected in this study.
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