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Title: Intuïtie in zakelijke kredietverlening - Een onderzoek naar de rol van intuïtieve besluitvorming in het kredietverleningsproces bij relationship banking.
Authors: Wansinck, N
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2016
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Intuition in business credit - A study into the role of intuitive decision making in the credit decision process in relationship banking Abstract This research has been executed within the research track Behavioral Financial Management (BFM) of the faculty Management, Science & Technology. BFM studies the impact of psychology towards financial decision making. The main question in this research field is “What do people do and how do they do it?” The research is conducted in the banking sector with the purpose of obtaining insight in how intuition affects loan decisions within relationship lending. Insight from previous research have been combined in a conceptual model. This model describes the expected relations between the factors that influence decision-making. The phenomena of intuition has been approached from the perspective of Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM). The main research question is: How does intuition affect lending decision making within relationship banking. The NDM school has an empirical base in mainly in depth interviews in. Following this line a case study with a multiple case design has been chosen as research strategy. The individual decision processes in two business loan applications have been studied. Observation, semi structured interviews and a questionnaire (repertory grid) have been used to collect data. Purpose was exploring if the conceptual model was a proper view of the individual process. As a result a revised conceptual model was developed with different relations and new factors. The results of this research are of value for: • Process optimization of loan applications • Coaching of loan officers • Quality assurance of decision making • Credit risk management Recommendations for future research: • Replication study to test the findings. • Research within another Rabobank location or within other banks for a better insight in situational factors. • Research within another business segment for a better insight in the impact of organizational setting. • Research within the impact of direct customer contact on the role of intuition in decision making.
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