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Title: De invloed van informatiebehoefte bij evaluaties van beleid op agendavorming en beleidsaanpassing ‘Een meervoudige casestudie naar de effecten van evaluaties op het ICT-beleid van het Ministerie van Defensie’
Authors: Timmers, JP
Keywords: Evaluation
evaluation influence
evaluation pathway
agenda building
policy deliberation
policy discussion
policy adoption
information need
IT evaluation
Mark & Henry
Issue Date: 16-Jun-2016
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: In the past decennia there was plenty of attention from Dutch politicians for the progress and results of IT projects, programs and systems. The attention originated from the disappointing results of IT projects by public organisations. Hundreds of millions of euros were spent with the sole purpose to enhance the performance of organisations and service to the Dutch public. Within the Dutch Ministry Of Defence (DMOD) multiple IT projects were guided by existing IT policies of DMOD and the government since DMOD is a part of the government. This research focuses on the use of evaluations of IT projects and policies for the further development of new IT policies. A starting point is the assumption that most evaluations contain lessons for the future. If the recommendations of the evaluations are adequately implemented the same lessons are prevented in the future. The research is part of the domain of evaluation research where the use and influence of evaluations is researched. In this research there is a central role for the model of Mark & Henry (2004) which guided the research and the selected concepts for the research. The model describes multiple pathways of influence. According to Mark & Henry these pathways pass through the following phases: evaluation input  evaluation activities  evaluation output and general mechanisms  intermediate and long-term outcomes. According to Mark & Henry, these pathways of influence are to lead to social betterment. The phases contain of different concepts. For this research a foursome of concepts are selected: information need, policy discussion and deliberation, agenda building and policy adoption. The combination of the concepts and the model of Mark & Henry result in the following research question: “In which way the information need of the evaluation of IT projects influences through policy discussion and deliberation on a collective level, the agenda building and policy adoption of IT policies within the Dutch Ministery of Defense?” This question is answered by use of a multiple case study in which the influence of four evaluation reports are examined. Two of these reports are related to an IT project of DMOD, Program SPEER, the subject of the other two reports are IT projects of the complete Government. In this research the influence of these reports is examined on the IT policies of the DMOD. The necessary research data is collected by semi-structured interviews and the analysis of publicly accessible documents.
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