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Title: Het gebruik van studentoordelen bij docentevaluaties
Authors: Ruijssenaars, P
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2016
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: “..not everything that can be counted counts..” (Cameron, 1963) A research about the use of performance-information of student judgments with personnel evaluation from teachers within the funded higher education in the Netherlands Since many decades there is an eagerness to improve the quality of higher education within the Netherlands. To improve the quality of higher education in the Netherlands there have made been many accountability mechanisms. One of these mechanisms is the use of performance-information within the higher education in the Netherlands, which is derived from performance measurements. These performance measurements are mostly used for the accountability towards the performance deals that have been made since 2012 within the higher education in the Netherlands with the ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The accountability towards the ministry is for the education quality, study success, profiling of the education, science and valorization. The performance is linked to the financial support of the ministry. If the results appear to be unsuccessful before 2016, then the budgets might be reduced by 5% In this research the desired increase of quality of the higher education is linked to the performancedeals and the use of performance-information from student evaluations. To increase the knowledge of performance-information from student evaluations within personnel evaluations from teachers and the managers of teachers, the main question for this research formulated. How is performance-information used with personnel evaluations with teachers concerning the education quality within a funded higher education institution within the Netherlands? The qualitively empirical research has taken place in a funded higher education school in the Netherlands by the use of interviews with teachers and managers of teachers. In this research we found that the use of performance-information of student judgments during personnel evaluations from teachers has not been used for the purpose of increasing the quality of performances. In this research we find that the performance-information of student judgments are mostly used to control. Managers use this information of student judments to see if the image they get from teachers during social talks, meetings and discussions confirms their existing image. The student judgments are then the reason to begin a conversation with the teacher to check if there are any shortcomings or to debunk the student judgments in the personnel evaluations with the teachers. The conclusions from the empirical research show that the use of performance-information of student jugments during personnel evaluations of teachers with their managers does not lead to the improvement of the quality of education. In order to develop a good working performance-information system that can increase the quality of education further research is needed. The importance of evaluation in this research is confirmed. The use of performance-information of student judgments for quality improvement within the education is not confirmed within this research. Therefore further research on the use of performance-information of student judgments is needed.
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