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Title: Everybody loves Disney.
Authors: Schep, GJ
Keywords: brand love
consumer-object love
social exchange theory
brand’s liking for consumers
brand experience
Issue Date: 6-Jul-2017
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Literature on brand love has mainly focused on its conceptualisation rather than its antecedents. Garg et al. (2016) have applied social exchange theory to the concept of brand love and proposed a conceptual model (with 14 research propositions) that highlights the factors affecting brand love, such as respect, brand’s liking for consumers, and brand experience. However, they did not test the model empirically. The purpose of this cross-sectional study is to provide new empirical insights by testing and validating a part of the conceptual model from Garg et al. (2016). This present study is specifically concerned with the direct and positive effect of respect, brand’s liking for consumers, and brand experience on brand love. The survey is conducted in a Dutch government company with a sample of 86 consumers. The brand Disney is supplied by the researcher. Furthermore, data are analysed through partial least squares structural equation modelling. The results indicate that respect and brand experience have a positive effect on brand love. Nonetheless, the results do not support the expectation that brand’s liking for consumers has a positive effect on brand love. This means that this research offers empirical support for two antecedents and confirms two research propositions from Garg et al. (2016).
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