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Title: Investing leadership within self-organized terams. The effect of a leader on team results within a self-organized team.
Authors: Bosch, M van den
Issue Date: 6-Jun-2017
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: In the past, several organizations have introduced self-organized teams. This has a lot of impact on the organization, such as the disappearance of management layers and more responsibilities for the employees. The aim of this thesis is to understand whether leadership influences positive results in self-organized teams. The issue about the leadership influences positive results in self-organized teams will investigate through qualitative research. The method used for this is template analyses of Nigel King. The main themes are based on the literature research and the conceptual model. Based on the main themes I developed a questionnaire. The questions and answers were fitted in the main themes. The research was conducted at a home care organization in the Achterhoek. They have been working in self-organized team for several years. The research was done through interviews with team nurses working in the customer base: Wonen met Zorg. They are the team’s collaborative foreman and can be objective of leadership within the self-organized teams. Seven team nurses have been spoken. A heterogeneous sample was taken, into account the location, type of department and working years within this function. The interviews took place in an individual and informal setting, over a period of 3 weeks, according to an interview manual. The results of the interviews showed that there has been a development in the self-organized teams in recent years. The employees have become more independent, but need guidance of a team nurse in complex situations. In addition, further development is necessary within a self-organized team. This can be achieved by employing expertise and development of the employees. However, this can not be due to the pressure of time and short-term financial resources in the Healthcare sector. Furthermore, it is noted that the service to the client has improved over previous years. However, these improvements in service, time pressure and limited financial resources have led tot a great job pressure for employees. The tasks that are not finished during work, will be done in free time. The teams consist mostly of old staff. The team nurses are worried about the future. Nevertheless, they indicate that they would like to keep the current teams in place, because employees are matched and provide a good service to clients. However, the staff must learn to think with a helicopterview, and the teams need to apply more qualities to complex care and problem behaviour. The leadership in self-organized teams is provided by the team nurse. This function is the collaborative foreman in a self-organized team. This means, an alternation of work for clients and performance of management tasks. The wish of the team nurses is to fulfill the leadership role as a coach, in which they will use the qualities of the employees. To fulfill this role, the teamnurses want training in budgeting, planning, contracts and task clarification. On the basis of the results of this research, it can be concluded that leadership is necessary within self-organized teams for positive results. The form of leadership is coaching, wherein the employees will be coached to develop and taking responsibility. There will be a discussion about the subject of this thesis. The reason is that earlier research describe shared leadership in self-organized teams. According to the research, one leader is necessary in teams, who coaches the teammembers. The role of team nurse changes from a collaborative foreman to a coordinator. In addition, the organization expects the team nurse to fulfull all roles within the Quinn model. Team nurses have indicate that the role of mentor is appropiate, allowing them to coach the qualities of the employees.
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