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Title: Sustainable Supply Management. An empirical study in People’s Republic of China.
Authors: Koch, A
Keywords: Sustainability
added with ‘Asia’ and ‘China’
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain
Issue Date: 18-Apr-2016
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: This thesis explores sustainable supply management in the People’s Republic of China. Environmental issues are attracting an increasing amount of attention from both home and abroad. Coupled with an economic slowdown there is an increased public awareness of environmental issues which can no longer be ignored. Chinese national leadership has recently adopted the subject in its ‘Five Year National Plan’. Enterprises based in the country are pressured to adjust processes around sustainable supply chain management practices. This research trails the call of Ageron, Gunasekaran & Spalanzani (2012) to conduct an empirical study on sustainable supply management (SSM) in alternative geographical areas. Accordingly, the views of 78 firms based in the People’s Republic of China are evaluated against the French SSM research. Findings suggest that greening of supply chains is an emerging practice in the pursuit of sustainability and improvement of organizational performance. Enterprises are pressured from outside and inside the organization to adopt SSM practices in their strategy. Key differences with the French study surface in the perception of financial gains to be achieved with sustainability practices. Compared to France, the focus on cost and short investment payback periods appears to be a major obstacle in China. In addition to the research in France, the model proposed by Ageron cs. is tested in China using multiple regression analysis. The statistical results reveal that the model can only be partially explained on the basis of the survey feedback. More research on this model is therefore encouraged. Additionally, the subject of Chinese business relationships (Guanxi) and how it influences Sustainable Supply Management provides a key opportunity for potential future research.
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