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Title: Designing networked learning for innovation in teacher learning groups
Authors: Vrieling, Emmy
Wopereis, Iwan
Keywords: teacher learning groups
networked learning
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Vrieling, E., & Wopereis, I. (2017, 29 November). Designing networked learning for innovation in teacher learning groups. Paper presented at the 12th conference of the European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning in education and professional practice (EAPRIL), Hämeenlinna, Finland.
Abstract: This study searches for guidelines to facilitate teacher-learning groups (TLGs) that aim to create sustainable knowledge (i.e., knowledge-creating TLGs). The ‘Dimensions of Social Learning (DSL) Framework’ is applied as a starting point to analyse the groups’ social configuration. The study explores the integration of two theories (social capital and value creation) into the DSL Framework in order to broaden the sustainable knowledge-creation perspective. To test the usability of the extended framework we conducted a case study in a primary teacher training college in the Netherlands. We found that both theories added features of knowledge creation to the DSL Framework: social capital in a process-oriented manner and value creation in a product-oriented way. For the facilitation of knowledge-creating TLGs, the collective knowledge working identity is an important indicator. A gradual development of both spread leadership and an inquiry-based attitude are important for this indicator. Institutional value creation is a second indicator. This indicator says that TLGs should involve all stakeholders when starting a joint enterprise and connect actions to institutional goals right from the start.
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