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Title: De veranderaar en data governance. De invloed van verandermanagement bij de implementatie van data governance in een handelsonderneming.
Authors: Jong, Peter de
Keywords: Change management
Data governance
Master data management
Data quality management
Change strategy
Contingency theory
Data handling
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2013
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: In order to respond to strategic and operational goals using data and/or information of a high quality trading companies need to introduce Data quality management (DQM). Data quality management is a very important aspect of data governance. Data governance is the organizational structuring of functions and roles, responsibilities and decision rights with respect to data and information. To implement data governance within a trading company a change management approach and a change strategy must be followed. The strategy to be followed depends on its contingencies. The change management should ensure the conditions, involvement and support for the implementation. Implementation of data governance has a (significant) impact on the whole organization. It is essential to understand the issues and critical success factors to be dealt with during the implementation of data governance. This article present the results of a study being made to strategies of change being used during the implementation of data governance within a Dutch trading company. In addition, this article identifies the success factors which are to be taken care of as part of the implementation. The findings of this study indicate that no uniform strategy for change can be applied for an implementation of data governance. The implementation is to be realized with a combination of known strategies and approaches of change. With these findings however, the limited external validity of this single case study must be taken into account.
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