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Title: The ‘Self-Regulated Learning Opportunities Questionnaire’: a Diagnostic Instrument for Teacher Educators’ Professional Development
Authors: Vrieling, Emmy
Bastiaens, Theo
Stijnen, Sjef
Keywords: Diagnostic instrument
Higher education
Pre-service teacher learning
Professional development
Self-regulated learning
Vocational education
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: Vrieling, E. M., Bastiaens, Th. J., & Stijnen, P. J. J. (2013). The ‘Self-Regulated Learning Opportunities Questionnaire’: A diagnostic instrument for primary teacher educators. Professional Development in Education, 39(5), 799-821.
Abstract: Many recent studies have stressed the importance of students’ self-regulated learning (SRL) skills for successful learning. Although primary teacher educators are aware of the importance of SRL for their students, they often find it difficult to implement SRL opportunities in their teaching. To support teacher professional development, an SRL model was described in a previous theoretical study. In the present article, this SRL model is elaborated towards the ‘SRL Opportunities Questionnaire’ (SRLOQ) that can be applied by primary teacher educators as a diagnostic instrument for classroom settings. A four-phase research design is applied consisting of scale development, score validation, further validation of the SRLOQ in primary teacher education, and a confirmatory factor analysis. Finally, a single case study is described that illustrates the usefulness of the SRLOQ in classroom practice.
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