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Title: Process-oriented design principles for promoting self-regulated learning in primary teacher education
Authors: Vrieling, Emmy
Bastiaens, Theo
Stijnen, Sjef
Keywords: higher education
pre-service teacher learning
process-oriented learning
self-regulated learning
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Vrieling, E. M., Bastiaens, Th. J., & Stijnen, P. J. J. (2010). Process-oriented design principles for promoting self-regulated learning in primary teacher education. International Journal of Educational Research, 49(4-5), 141-150.
Abstract: Many recent studies have stressed the importance of students’ self-regulated learning (SRL) skills for successful learning. Consequently, primary teacher educators are stimulated by their policy makers to increase their students’ SRL opportunities in the educational pre-service program. However, primary teacher educators often find it difficult to implement these innovations in their teaching. In the present study, a literature search concerning SRL was conducted. Based on this search, seven process-oriented design principles were formulated, resulting in a SRL model for primary teacher education. This SRL model provides more insight into relevant SRL aspects and can support SRL implementation in pre-service teacher education.
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