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Title: Collaboration Technology for Education of the Young People with Special Needs
Authors: Lavendels, Jurijs
Sitikovs, Vjaceslavs
Latisheva, Eleonora
Keywords: Collaboration
Issue Date: 10-Oct-2006
Abstract: The paper is devoted to the problem of the inclusion of young people with special needs in education, society and wherewith improvement of their level of life. The educational opportunity currently offered to the young people with special needs in the Republic of Latvia has been analyzed. The feasibility of the implementation of Web-technology to educational events as well as the experience of Riga Technical University in e-learning have been examined. Finally, the requirements for eenvironment that could provide learning and communication of the people with special needs have been defined. The European Social Fund in Latvia is co-financing the project.
Description: Please, cite this publication as: Lavendels, J., Sitikovs, V., & Latisheva, E. (2006). Collaboration Technology for Education of the Young People with Special Needs. Proceedings of International Workshop in Learning Networks for Lifelong Competence Development, TENCompetence Conference. March 30th-31st, Sofia, Bulgaria: TENCompetence. Retrieved June 30th, 2006, from
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