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Title: Challenges & opportunities for Open Online Education – A group concept mapping study
Authors: Schophuizen, Martine
Kreijns, Karel
Stoyanov, Slavi
Kalz, Marco
Keywords: SOONER
Group concept mapping
Open online education
Higher education
Educational innovation
Organizational research
Issue Date: 31-Oct-2016
Citation: Schophuizen, M., Stoyanov, S., Kreijns, K., & Kalz, M. (2016, October). Challenges & opportunities for Open Online Education – A group concept mapping study. Poster presented at ICO Fall School Bad Schussenried, Germany.
Abstract: The study presented in this poster identified expert consensus for challenges and opportunities for OOE. Some outcomes considered most important, were among those considered most difficult to influence by an institution. However,there are also outcomes that are important, and within the circle of influence of an institution. This implies that for some aspects regarding OOE, institutions can take steps in making OOE a sustainable educational practice. Identifying this is a first step in this process.
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