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Title: De kracht van dialoog en diens relatie tot weerstand.
Authors: Tiggelaar, Bouko
Keywords: Resistance
Willingness to change
Issue Date: 18-Jul-2017
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: This thesis discusses a qualitative investigation designed to gain a deep understanding of the relation between resistance, dialogue, commitment, willingness to change, and behaviour. Furthermore, this thesis discusses the implications of ‘positive resistance’ in the context of this process. The change process at a Dutch educational organisation is examined. This change process fits well to the overall objective of this thesis, since many teachers were resistant towards the country-wide educational strategies and policy implementation by direct managers. The school management decided to implement an open dialogue change process which is designed to increase teacher involvement in determining ways to improve the quality of education. This case study provided an excellent opportunity to investigate whether resistance could be of a ‘positive’ nature, and whether the dialogue could lead to resistance turning into commitment, willingness to change, and a change in behaviour. Although a small part of the teachers express a more traditional ‘negative’ form of resistance, it is concluded that resistance can in most cases be considered as being of a ‘positive’ nature. This thesis determines a system of relations where positive resistance can change to willingness to change if the dialogue fulfils certain requirements such as being sufficiently knowledge enriching. Willingness to change can be divided into three parts; (1) commitment, (2) group dynamics, and (3) ability to act. The final stage of the system is behaviour. It is determined that behaviour can only change if set goals are relatively small and attainable, and if everyone joins the change process.
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