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Title: Succesvol samenwerken in ecosystemen. De invloed van de cultuurtyperingen kennisdeling en hiërarchie op de wederkerigheid in het ecosysteem.
Authors: Boogaard, Jenny van den
Keywords: Ecosystem
organization culture
knowledge sharing culture
hierarchical culture
mutual behavior
Issue Date: 19-Jul-2017
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Ecosystems are defined as a form of collaboration with the potential to achieve multiple value creation. In order to let an ecosystem succeed, the firms participating in an ecosystem need to share and adopt key competences and resources, i.e. perform mutual behavior. This research explores how cultural characteristics of these participating organizations influence perceived mutuality in an ecosystem. Following the existing literature that states that organizational culture is transferred to employees’ behavior in collaborations, this research hypothesizes that the experienced organizational culture (i.e. a high knowledge sharing culture and low hierarchical culture) influences the willingness to mutual behavior in the ecosystem. Furthermore, this research expects a positive relationship between the willingness to mutual behavior and the experienced mutuality in the ecosystem. Data has been collected through a quantitative study of Dutch ecosystems. 97 members who currently work in an ecosystem, or worked in an ecosystem less than a year ago, participated in this research. They each completed a survey of 41 multiple choice questions. The statistical results show that a high degree of experienced knowledge sharing culture in the own organization has a positive influence on the willingness of mutual behavior in the ecosystem. This has a positive partial influence on the experienced mutuality in the ecosystem. In contrast, an experienced hierarchical culture of the own organization has a negative influence on the willingness to mutual behavior in the ecosystem and on the experienced mutuality. This research emphasizes the importance of internal cultural elements with regards to working in an ecosystem. Furthermore, this study provides recommendations for further research in this field.
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