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Title: A QTI Management System for Service Oriented Architecture
Authors: Blat, Josep
Navarrete, Toni
Moghnieh, Ayman
Batlle, Helena
Keywords: e-Learning
IMS Learning Design
IMS Question & Test Interoperability
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2006
Abstract: The IMS Question & Test Interoperability speci¯cation describes a data model for the representation of questions and tests data and their corresponding results reports. In this paper, we discuss a more elaborated implementation of a module- structured online engine for the (QTI) speci¯cation, aiming at providing a framework for the development of user friendly IMS-QTI applications. This work is considered as a continuation of the APIS project that intends to develop an infrastructure that sustains interoperability and web servicing of IMS-QTI
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