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Title: “Convince Woody”, a serious game on competence development in a distributed collaborative environment
Authors: Girardin, Fabien
Boursinou, Eleni
Moghnieh, Ayman
Keywords: e-Learning
serious games
computer-supported collaborative
social software
competence development
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2006
Abstract: In this paper, we present the adaptation of a serious game in the context of an elearning framework supporting distributed social networks. The game, “Convince Woody” takes stage in the digital movie production highlighting the problem of managing the competence development dimension involved in interdependent yet highly spread organizations. Our first objective is to demonstrate the utility of serious games in complex cooperative environments and converge on the provision of a suitable environment forvalidating and evaluating informal learning perspectives in an e-learning framework. Secondly, the pilot will prove a state-of-the-art environment for revising remote collaboration from an asynchronous communication perspective in order to evaluate the relevant tools’ efficiency in responding to the needs of our scenario. Lastly, we plan to explore the use of synchronous and asynchronous collaborative tools to maintain the flow of information, the interaction and the cooperation.
Description: Girardin, F. et al (2006). Developing a serious game for an eLearing network supported by the TENCompetence framework, and avaluating competence acquisition and collaboration in asynchronous settings. Submitted to the TENCompetence Workshop on Service Oriented Approaches and Lifelong Competence Development Infrastructures. Mancherster UK, January 2007.
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