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dc.contributor.authorVermeulen, Marjan-
dc.contributor.authorKreijns, Karel-
dc.contributor.authorVan Buuren, Hans-
dc.contributor.authorVan Acker, Frederik-
dc.identifier.citationVermeulen, M., Kreijns, K., Van Acker, F., & Van Buuren, H. (2017). The role of transformative leadership, ICT infrastructure and learning climate in teachers’ use of digital learning materials during their classes. British Journal of Educational Technology, 48(6), 1427–1440.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis study investigated whether the school organizational variables transformative leadership (TL), ICT-infrastructure (technical and social), and organizational learning climate were related to teachers’ dispositional variables attitude, perceived norm, and perceived behavior control (PBC). The direct and indirect influences of these variables on teachers’ intention and use of modern technology such as digital learning materials (DLMs) were also investigated. A longitudinal design was used with three measurements spread out over three years, with 544 randomly selected teachers from the Dutch primary, secondary and vocational education. Model fit was tested using structural equation modeling (SEM). All dispositional variables predicted the use of DLMs, mediated by teachers’ intention. TL had direct and indirect relationships via ICT-infrastructure and learning climate with attitude, perceived norm, and PBC. The longitudinal design proved the chronological effect of TL on learning climate and the dispositional variables. However, not all TL dimensions had relationships with ICT-infrastructure (only TL-vision and TL-intellectual stimulation) and with learning climate (only TL-intellectual stimulation). For educational practice, the results indicated that leadership can promote teachers’ use of DLMs directly and by supporting a school wide learning climate under the condition that an ICT-infrastructure exists.en_US
dc.publisherBritish Journal of Educational Technologyen_US
dc.subjectdigital learning materialsen_US
dc.subjecttransformational leadershipen_US
dc.subjectintegrative model of behavior predictionen_US
dc.subjectlearning climateen_US
dc.titleThe role of transformative leadership, ICT infrastructure and learning climate in teachers’ use of digital learning materials during their classesen_US
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