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Title: The design and validation of an instrument to measure Teachers’ Professional Development at Work
Authors: Evers, Arnoud
Kreijns, Karel
Van der Heijden, Béatrice
Keywords: Teachers
Professional Development at Work
Confirmatory Factor Analysis
Measurement Instrument
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Publisher: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
Citation: Evers, A. T., Kreijns, K., & Van der Heijden, B. I. J. M. (2016). The design and validation of an instrument to measure Teachers’ Professional Development at Work. Studies in Continuing Education, 38(2), 162-178.
Abstract: After graduation it is essential for teachers to continue working on their professional devel-opment since they need to be prepared for the requirements of tomorrow’s knowledge- and technology-based society, a more varied student and pupil population creating new responsi-bilities, and higher social expectations from schools and the society as a whole. Although at-tention for teachers’ professional development at work is increasing, the availability of valid survey instruments that measure their participation in professional development at work is still limited. Based on a literature review, such an instrument was designed. This 21-item self-report measure, using a 4-point rating scale, makes an inventory of teachers’ participation in activities contributing to professional development. The purpose of the instrument is to make teachers, school leaders and other stakeholders aware of whether, and to what degree, teach-ers engage in learning at work. This is important because ultimately the quality of education depends on it. A survey was administered in 9 Dutch primary schools and 15 Dutch second-ary schools. Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis confirmed a six-factor structure, and augments earlier findings in the field. The reliabilities of the six subscales were sufficient to good.
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