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Title: Development and Validation of a Rubric for Self-Assessment of 21st Century Skills at Primary Schools
Authors: Sandink-de Mare, Dianne
Rusman, Ellen
Keywords: rubrics
formative assessment
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Sandink-de Mare, D., & Rusman, E. (2017, 28 November-1 December). Development and Validation of a Rubric for Self-Assessment of 21st Century Skills at Primary Schools. Presentation at the European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning (EAPRIL) Conference, Hameenlinna, Finland.
Abstract: There are little or none suitable assessment instruments available for 21st century skills at primary school level. Therefore a rubric has been developed and validated for a number of 21st century skills at primary school level. The aim of this study was to determine whether the rubric enabled primary school pupils to assess themselves and set new learning objectives for practicing and developing their skills. The rubric was tested with pupils of class 6, 10 year old (N=54), and pupils of class 8, 12 year old (N= 51). The teachers of the experimental group used the rubric for the provision of feedback to their pupils, whereas the teachers in the control group provided their feedback as they were used to. The self-assessment of pupils was compared with the assessment of teachers, to determine the quality of their self-assessment. To test whether pupils could set more observable and concrete learning objectives when using a rubric, pupils set a learning objective for a skill at the start of the project and at the end of the project. This study shows that the rubric helped pupils to set concrete goals and teachers to provide them with feedback. However, the rubric did not support reliable self-assessment. Both teachers and pupils perceived the rubric as a feasible instrument to support the development of 21st century skills and the formative assessment of senior pupils in a primary school.
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