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Title: Predicting Teachers’ use of Digital Learning Materials: Combining Self-Determination Theory and the Integrative Model of Behavior Prediction
Authors: Kreijns, Karel
Vermeulen, Marjan
Van Acker, Frederik
Van Buuren, Hans
Keywords: digital learning materials
Self-Determination Theory
integrative model of behavior prediction
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: European Journal of Teacher Education
Citation: Kreijns, K., Vermeulen, M., Van Acker, F., & Van Buuren, H. (2014). Predicting teachers’ use of digital learning materials: combining self-determination theory and the integrative model of behaviour prediction. European Journal of Teacher Education, 37(4), 465-478. DOI:10.1080/02619768.2014.882308 (IF .769)
Abstract: In this article, we report on a study that investigated the motivational (e.g., intrinsic motivation) and dispositional variables (e.g., attitudes) that determine teachers’ intention to use or not to use Digital Learning Materials (DLMs). To understand the direct and indirect relationships between these variables we replicated a study of Hagger et al. (2006) in which Self- Determination Theory (SDT) and the Theory of Planned Behavior (TBP)/Integrated Model of Behavior Prediction (IMBP) are combined according Vallerand’s (1997) proposal to distinguish between global level psychological needs, contextual-level and situational-level motivational constructs. Using a sample of 1273 teachers, our preliminary findings supported the findings of Hagger et al. (ibid). The combined model of Hagger et al. (ibid) potentially provides us with a more comprehensive explanation of teachers’ volitional behavior regarding their use of DLMs in their pedagogical practices than would be possible on the bases of SDT or IMBP alone.
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