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Authors: Vos, H. H. R. F.
Issue Date: 26-Oct-2017
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Source code metrics and software visualization are in commonuse for imperative programming languages and are well supported by the available software tools. Especially tools that are based on a metamodel seem to provide platforms that ease the development of source code metrics and software visualizations. The availability of a metamodel could provide a boost to the research on software quality for the Haskell programming language by providing a common environment for the development of source code metrics and software visualizations. The development of a metamodel prototype helps to determine whether it is useful to develop such a metamodel and to discover themain design considerations. This thesis describes the design and implementation of this prototype – named metaHS – and discusses the main design considerations discovered. It will conclude that a scalable and extensible metamodel – combined with a well-designed domain specific language layer and a powerful graphical user interface environment – can be a useful tool for Haskell software engineers.
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