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Title: How to guide effective student questioning: a review of teacher guidance in primary education
Authors: Stokhof, Harry
De Vries, Bregje
Bastiaens, Theo
Martens, Rob
Keywords: Effective Student Questioning
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Stokhof, H. J. M., De Vries, B., Martens, R. L., & Bastiaens, T. J. (2017), How to guide effective student questioning: a review of teacher guidance in primary education. Review of Education, 5(2), 123–165. doi:10.1002/rev3.3089
Abstract: Although the educational potential of student questions is widely acknowledged, primary school teachers need support to guide them to become effective for learning the curriculum. The aim of this review is to identify which teacher guidance supports effective student questioning. Thirty-six empirical studies on guiding student questioning in primary education were analysed. Four emer- gent themes for teacher guidance of effective student questioning were identified in the data: first, guiding effective student questioning requires confident teachers, who create a supportive class- room culture for question generation and acknowledge the potential in students’ initial questions; second, defining a conceptual focus supports teachers in aligning student questions to curricular goals; third, organising collective responsibility for the question process in the classroom fosters effective student questioning; and fourth, teacher guidance is supported when the process of ques- tioning is visualised on a collective platform.
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