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Title: ISIS Individualized Support In Sequencing
Authors: Drachsler, Hendrik
Hummel, Hans
Keywords: Personalized Recommender System
User Profiling
Collaborative Filtering
Issue Date: 19-Mar-2007
Abstract: ISIS (Individualized Support in Sequencing) Problem Lifelong learners need support in finding and selecting suitable learning activities to achive their learning goals in the most effective and efficient way. This need will only increase in the future when lifelong learners will have different providers of learning activities to choose from throughout their lives. If such 'way finding support' (or navigation support) is absent, the efficiency of education provision (ratio of output to input, like maximizing goal attainment or minimizing drop-out rate) appears to decrease and the costs (time and money) increase. Project The ISIS project (Individualized Support In Sequencing) examines the potential of Personalised Recommender Systems (PRS) that advice learners on the best next learning activities to study. This personalised advise is based both on information about (groups of) learners and activities, and on the collective and succesful behaviour of all learners in the learning network. The added value of such systems will be tested and validated in both field experiments and simulation studies. Presentation During this PIP presentation Hans Hummel will further introduce the ISIS project, explain the combination of recommendation techniques, and describe a first experiment carried out with a PRS (with the Introduction Psychology course at OUNL). Hendrik Drachsler, who carries out his PhD research into PRS, will demonstrate this PRS 'in action' (within a Moodle implementation), present some first test results of this experimentation, and give an example of a simulation study in Netlogo.
Description: Drachsler, H., & Hummel, H. G. K. (2007). ISIS Individualized Support In Sequencing. Presentation given during the PIP meeting on March 22, 2007. Open University of the Netherlands: Heerlen, The Netherlands.
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