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Title: Theory meets practice in academic education [methods and strategies]
Authors: Boshuizen, Els
Keywords: transfer
reflection on learning
educational design
Issue Date: 6-Dec-2017
Citation: Boshuizen, H. P. A. (2017, 6 December). Theory meets practice in academic education [methods and strategies]. Keynote at the Educational retreat of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Groningen University, the Netherlands.
Abstract: Learning in academia does not automatically transfer to working life. In this presentation I discuss factors that influence transfer that are related to teaching, ways and goals of learning, features of the academic domain and labour market. Two message are formulated: 1) Problems / cases etc. are NOT just some illustrations Key is how students process the case / problem, which depends on: (Students’ perceptions and motivation) Authenticity Design of the case / problem Instruction / clear, standard processing strategy Reflection on process and outcome 2) Cases / problems: Authenticity; leading to intended learning goals; stimulating critical thinking; self-direction, etc. Cycles, strategies and structures Provide and support; make explicit and train Theories Give attention to how theories are (un)related (philosophical schools, domain types, problem types) Stimulate reflection
Description: This presentation took place at the Educational retreat of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Groningen University. General topic Employability academic education.
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