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Title: Networked learning: informal teacher
Authors: Nijland, Femke
Keywords: Teacher professional development
Informal teaching
Networked learning
Issue Date: 20-Sep-2016
Citation: Nijland, F. (2016, 20 september). Networked learning, informal teacher. Lezing gegeven aan T2 conferentie, Heerlen, Nederland.
Abstract: Learning in networks is receiving increased attention in Dutch primary education. It is perceived as a way to stimulate teachers professional development (Meijs, Prinsen, & De Laat, 2013; Vaessen, Beemt, & De Laat, 2014) and to provide teachers with the opportunity to regulate their own professional development in line with their professional needs (De Laat & Schreurs, 2013). In education, such alignment is particularly important since teachers often perceive their professional development as unrelated to their classroom practice (Lieberman & Pointer Mace, 2008). Adopting networked learning as a form of teacher professional development influences the teachers perspective on learning and his teaching in the classroom.
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