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Title: Decision Criteria for Software Component Decision Sourcing
Other Titles: Defining framework fundamentals
Authors: van Boeckel, O.W.J.
Keywords: Make-or-buy
software components
source origins
decision criteria
Issue Date: 5-Jan-2018
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: This research aims to define validated fundamentals for the decision making process on software component sourcing. The decision for a component source origin has impact on the development phase of the software product, the maintenance phase during the product lifecycle as well as end product quality. The make or buy decision for software developing organizations involves a wide range of considerations and a variety of source origins. The factors from literature that play a role in the decision making process is a considerable list. The source origins contain: in-house development, re-use of software components, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), open Source Software (OSS), adaption of open source components, outsourced components. The research started with a literature study to gain knowledge about the current scientific knowledge base. A literature study has been conducted which delivered a long list of factors and extended list of source origins. The six previously defined source origins did not get a supplement. The factors from literature delivered a total of 163 factors. The factors have been classified into decision criteria during a metaplan session. The metaplan session has been performed a group of researchers along with an experienced facilitator. The result of this classification is a list with 19 criteria all covering a different perspective of the decision making considerations. To be sure that the created decision criteria are relevant and important for the component sourcing decision the decision criteria have been validated in practice within a case study. All the decision criteria appeared to be relevant and at least of medium importance. Next to the deductive part of the research the aim was to explore unknown factors and source origins used in the case organization. The inductive part delivered several new factors and no new source origins. The new factors have been classified into existing and new criteria during the second metaplan session. The result of this session is a total of 22 decision criteria. Thru the deductive research it became clear that the decision criteria are relevant and important for the software sourcing decisions. The decision criteria for the appropriate selection of a component source origin appear to be relevant during the project and maintenance phase of the software product lifecycle and also for the quality of the software end product itself. Further inductive research to analyze the reasons of relevance and the definitions for the decision criteria delivered a validated list of relevant decision criteria to support the software component sourcing decision process.
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