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Title: Decision criteria for making software component sourcing decisions
Authors: de Boer, Martin
Keywords: Software Component
Decision Criteria
Software Component Sourcing
Software Component Selection
Software Component Decision
Component Based Software Engineering
Issue Date: 11-Jan-2018
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: The sourcing decision is an important part of Component Based Software Engineering. This involves the choice between 6 sourcing options: in-house development, COTS, OSS, outsourced development, re-use of components & adjustment of OSS components. Previous studies have established decision criteria listings for making software component sourcing decisions. This thesis has the goals: (1) expansion, classification and validation of the list of decision criteria for software component sourcing decisions and (2) to make a proposal for the definitions of the decision criteria and investigate reasons to use these decision criteria. This thesis has investigated literature on COTS versus OSS components. A theoretical replication research has been executed to find additional decision criteria. Classification is performed by means of 2 Metaplan sessions. The outcome is a listing of 22 decision criteria that have been validated in practice. The definitions and reasons for use were investigated by means of a case study research and an open coding analysis. This resulted in 22 final proposed definitions and 50 reasons for use.
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