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Title: INESC-ID@ASSIN: Medição de Similaridade Semântica e Reconhecimento de Inferência Textual
Authors: Fialho, Pedro
Marques, Ricardo
Martins, Bruno
Coheur, Luísa
Quaresma, Paulo
Keywords: aprendizagem supervisionada
Issue Date: Nov-2016
Publisher: Universidade do Minho/Universidade de Vigo
Citation: Pedro Fialho, Ricardo Miguel Machado Marques, Bruno Martins, Luísa Coheur, Paulo Quaresma: “INESC-ID@ASSIN: Medição de Similaridade Semântica e Reconhecimento de Inferência Textual” in Linguamática, pages 33-42, 2016
Abstract: In this article we present INESC-ID@ASSIN, a system that competed in the 2016 joint evaluation effort entitled Avaliação de Similaridade Semântica e Inferência Textual (ASSIN), in the tasks of semantic similarity and textual entailment recognition. INESC-ID@ASSIN addresses the problem of detecting sentence similarity as a regression task, and it addresses textual entailment as a classification task. Although INESC-ID@ASSIN relies mainly on simple lexical features for detecting paraphrases and recognizing textual entailment, promising results were achieved in this joint evaluation.
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