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Title: The Robbers and the Others – A Serious Game Using Natural Language Processing
Authors: Toma, Irina
Brighiu, Stefan Mihai
Dascalu, Mihai
Trausan-Matu, Stefan
Keywords: Collaborative serious games
Smart learning environment
Conversation analysis
Online chat
Language learning
ReaderBench framework
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Toma, I., Brighiu, S. M., Dascalu, M., & Trausan-Matu, S. (2018). The Robbers and the Others – a Serious Game using Natural Language Processing. In H. Knoche, E. Popescu & A. Cartelli (Eds.), 3rd Int. Conf. on Smart Learning Ecosystems and Regional Development (SLERD 2018) (pp. 159–164). Aalborg, Denmark: Springer.
Abstract: Learning a new language includes multiple aspects, from vocabulary acquisition to exercising words in sentences, and developing discourse building capabilities. In most learning scenarios, students learn individually and interact only during classes; therefore, it is difficult to enhance their communication and collaboration skills. The prototype game described in this paper aims to fill this gap and improve the students’ learning skills in a smart learning environment suitable for a problem-solving game. In addition, the game is also an useful tool for teachers because of the integrated chat analysis that enables the identification of the most predominant points of view and the overall level of collaboration between participants. The game is developed as a bot on the Slack chat platform and reacts to user commands. At the end of a game round, the bot is to save the conversation transcript and send it to the ReaderBench framework for further chat analysis.
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