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dc.contributor.authorRusman, Ellen-
dc.identifier.citationRusman, E. (2018, 8 June). Seamless learning: Technology-enhanced learning from practical experiences across contexts. Presentation at the Seamless Learning Conference, Maastricht, The Netherlands.en_US
dc.descriptionRusman, E. (2018, 8th of June). Seamless learning: Technology-enhanced learning from practical experiences across contexts. Keynote presentation at the Seamless learning conference, Maastricht, The Netherlands.
dc.description.abstractAs a child, we learn by experience, by trial and error, through discovery and play, largely driven by our own curiosity. We learn by doing as well as by thinking: we learn from our mistakes and we do better while gaining experience. To summarize, we learn from our practical experiences. Moreover, research has shown that learning takes place when we link abstract concepts (theory) with concrete, practical (learning) experiences. This makes learning more meaningful, personal, motivating, application-oriented and sustainable. Experience-oriented learning in and across contexts has critical consequences on the design of learning processes, learning outcomes, the perceived autonomy of learners as well as their permanent and lifelong competency development. By fostering learning from experiences in and across contexts, learners are better able to see the relationships between their ideas and talents, 21st century skills and attitudes, and their own impact on and activities in the ‘real world’. They experience characteristics of things with different senses (e.g., smell) which provide critical insight into the possible application, significance and meaning of the learning experience. This, in turn, also fosters better recall of learning experiences. Learning does not take place in isolation or in a vacuum. It often occurs together with peers in a social process of meaning-making. Additionally, the variation of contexts is instrumental to promote learning transfer from one context to another. Seamless learning focuses on connecting learning and other experiences in and across varying contexts wirelessly and seamlessly by technology in order to mediate, to support, and strengthen learning processes. Seamless learning scenarios offer opportunities for acquiring cross-curricular generic (21st century) skills, for applying knowledge as well as for developing and promoting personal awareness and behavioural changes.en_US
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dc.subjectSeamless learningen_US
dc.subjectMobile learningen_US
dc.subjectContextual learningen_US
dc.subjectBoundary crossingen_US
dc.subjectCross-contextual learningen_US
dc.subjectHybrid learningen_US
dc.subjectBorderless classroomen_US
dc.subjectBridging formal, informal and non-formal contextsen_US
dc.titleSeamless learning: Technology-enhanced learning from practical experiences across contextsen_US
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