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Title: Unifying Learning Object Repositories in MACE
Authors: Prause, Christian
Ternier, Stefaan
De Jong, Tim
Apelt, Stefan
Scholten, Marius
Wolpers, Martin
Eisenhauer, Markus
Vandeputte, Bram
Specht, Marcus
Duval, Erik
Keywords: metadata
context metadata
competence and process metadata
content and domain metadata
Usage Related and Social metadata
metadata enrichment
MACE project
Architectural content
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2007
Abstract: During the last years a series of repositories containing leaning contents for architecture have been created. With all these repositories financed, designed, implemented and maintained independently of each other, valuable and expensive information contained in the repositories lies — scattered over several European countries — in several thousand learning objects. With each single repository holding its own set of learning objects and metadata schemas describing them and not being connected to others, the contents are unnecessary hard to find and cannot be used to the full extent possible. This is part due to legal and part to technical difficulties. In MACE, we aim to overcome these issues and create an infrastructure to enable the discovery and identification of learning objects all across different repositories in a uniform way.
Description: Prause, C., Ternier, S., De Jong, T., Apelt, S., Scholten, M., Wolpers, M., et al. (2007). Unifying Learning Object Repositories in MACE. In D. Massart, J.-N. Colin & F. V. Assche (Eds.). Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Learning Object Discovery & Exchange (LODE'07). September, 18, 2007, Crete, Grece.
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